After more than 40 years as a professional writer, I decided I had run out of things to say. I asked myself, “What am I good at besides writing original content?”

The answer was obvious and simple: editing and proofreading because that is what I have done almost every day for more than 40 years. Only now I wanted to do it for someone else, and of course (since I am not a Communist), get paid to do so.

It started back in the mid-1970’s after I was released from military service in the United States Navy and had gotten married. I had always wanted to be a pro athlete, but because of a lack of exceptional talent, I became a sportswriter instead.

In 1976, I got my first gig as a sports columnist for the East Villager in Lower Manhattan. Since then, I have written for the New York Tribune, Ring Magazine, the Times-Herald Middletown Record, Penthouse Magazine, the Cyberboxingzone, and Travelgolf.com. I have also written 48 books, fiction and nonfiction, including bios on Muhammad Ali, Whitey Bulger, Jimmy Hoffa, Virginia Hill, Bonnie Parker, Crazy Joe Gallo, and the murder of Martha Moxley.

From 1982-86, I was elected as the Vice President of the Boxing Writers of America, and also the International Boxing Writers Association.

In 1986, I was honored by Ring 8 as the Boxing Writer of the Year, and in 1987, I received the same honor from the Association For the Improvement of Boxing.

In 2013, my 5-part series “Mobsters, Gangs, Crooks, and Other Creeps,” finished runner-up in the 2013 eFestival of Words Best of the Independent Ebook Awards in the category “Nonfiction.”

If you are in need of a professional editor/copywriter, I’m your man. I’ve been doing this for so long; it’s become second nature to me.

If you think I can help you, email me at brunoliteraryservices.com@gmail.com. I read every email.

Special Skills: Editing, Copywriting, Ghostwriting, Content Writing.




I charge .01 a word for an expert proofread. (50,000 words = $500). For an edit it’s .02 a word (50,000 words = $1,000. That includes a follow-up proofreading/edit of the entire book after I send you my first completed work. I.e., I proofread/edit your book, and you make the changes. Then I proofread/edit it a second time. I work in 5,000-word blocks. You send me 5,000 words; I proofread/edit them. Then I send it back to you with a Pay Pal invoice for $50. That way if you’re not satisfied with my work you can stop at any time. The second proofread/edit takes place after I have proofread/edited your entire manuscript, and you have made the changes.

I’ve been in the writing business since the mid-1970s. I’ve used proofreaders/editors many times. Some want to get paid half up front and half when they finish. Several times, I felt I didn’t get my money’s worth. The way I do it, it benefits both the writer and me. I only get paid for the work I actually do. And the writer, if not satisfied, can cancel at any time.

It’s a win-win situation

Additional literary services are also available.


Professional Experience

Bruno Literary Services – President/Author

2000 – present

Author of 48 books, both fiction, and nonfiction.T

Cyberboxingzone – Columnist


Penthouse Magazine – Feature Writer


Times Herald-Record – Middletown, New York – Sports Columnist


Ring Magazine- Associate Editor


New York Tribune – Sports Columnist


East Villager – Sports Columnist



Hunter College

Bachelor of Arts in English, May 1974

Additional Skills

Expert in Microsoft Office.

Web savvy, require little to no training


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